Your Journey to a Healthier You Begins Here! Looking for a life changing program? Then this is for you! Exercise, nutrition, functional strength all included. Contact me for your Free session today!
Your Journey to a Healthier You Begins Here!Looking for a life changing program? Then this is for you!Exercise, nutrition, functional strength all included.Contact me for your Free session today!

             Real Life Success Stories!

    Mandy E. lost 54.8 pounds and got her body fat down to 14%!  No gimmicks just real results!

            Chuck brings a rare and vital wisdom to the the practice of personal tranining. After having come back from a serious disability to thriving physical health himself, he has a greater sensitivity regarding how and when to adapt a movement as well as when and why to push through when it is difficult. His offerings are not limited to a one-size-fits-all system imposed on his clients but a well thought out process that evaluates exactly where we are on the spectrum of fitness and what foundations need "firming up" to safely allow for the development of overall fitness and physical competence as well as what nutritional support may enhance our success. His nutritional guidance includes pearls for standard as well as vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. After having worked with a few trainers and after working with Chuck for several years, I give Chuck Schotten the highest possible recommendation.

Dinah O. Retired from HFHS as Clinical Research Coordinator in Opthamology

Skype client she lives in Canada

Susan S. Livonia 168 Lbs.

Overweight after graduating from Nursing School, I didn't feel too healthy.  Keeping up with 2 young boys made it feel impossible to take some "me time"  to lose the weight.

Chuck brings the workout to you!  No baby sitters needed!



Susan S. after 16 weeks at 128 Lbs!

It is not  losing the weight but keeping a healthy weight for the rest of your life!   With Chuck's help I never need to diet again!



Susan S. Today,almost 15 years since losing the weight!  She has maintained a healthy weight of 136 Lbs.

Chuck at  1 on 1 Fitness Coach teaches you how to not only lose the weight but keep it off for the rest of your life!







Linda B. of Plymouth, MI

They say pictures speak a thousand words ...... well here is a great example!







        Chuck Schotten is a great personal trainer!  He has helped me lose almost 40 pounds in less than 10 months.  Chuck has a positive outlook on life and it is contagious as he works with his clients.  He takes extra effort to read the need of each of his client's goals and works in numerous strategies to meet those goals.  He not only creates a sense of security when working out but also works with his clients on their eating habits.  I would recomend Chuck as he is well worth his weight in gold!


Wayne S. 

Chef and Culinary Arts Teacher


       Chuck Schotten, from 1 on 1 Fitness Coach, has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  I am stronger, more flexible and fitter than I have been in years!  I can definitely take some credit for this, but... and this is a BIG "but"... Chuck keeps me pleasantly "accountable" and truthfully without him I just wouldn't ..."just do it!"


       Chuck's professionalism and expertise is wrapped up in the genuine, warm, spiritual and kind person he is.  He focuses on you.  He asked what "my goals" were and he then set a realistic plan of how to achieve them.


      Chuck is unlike any personal trainer I have ever known.  His knowledge of anatomy and structure of the body is excellent, and his knowledge of nutrtion enhances the workouts to achieve the very best results.  The workouts are always different and keep my interest and enthusiasm totally peaked.  He loves what he does and his passion for health is infectious.


      This combination of excellent goal-orientated training, nutritional expertise and careful body training guidance has transformed me.  It has taken me from a body that was overweight, core-weak and battling with injuries to one of strength and increased health.  He is motivational, courteous and fun!  I love my workouts and I love the results!


Susan W.

Nurse Anesthetist

University of Michigan


Dear Chuck,

       Most days I have nerve pain in my neck, low back and legs caused by an automobile accident twelve years ago.  After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I tried physical therapy, medication, hot/cold packs, hot tubs and then my chiropractor recommended a personal trainer to show me how to strengthen and have more control over my muscles.

I am very pleased to have worked with you for the past few months.  I have learned so much about my body and my muscles.  I have learned static stretching, weight resistance, good nutrition, and to make exercise a commitment and lifelong goal.

As a result, I have more good days, less nerve pain, my chiropractic adjustments last much longer.  Now I have plans for a more active future.  Thank you, Chuck for your knowledge and assistance.



Cheryl M.

Instructional Services Specialist

School Craft College


        When I was looking for a personal trainer, I chose Chuck because he appeared thoughful and professional. I needed someone to hold me accountable who could also make "working out" very efficient and convenient given my busy lifestlye.  After nearly 10 years of training with him, I am pleased to say I have made the right choice!  Chuck has been particularly good at tailoring sessions to accomadate any injury or age related issues that arise and knows just how far to push me for maximum benefit.  He seems to intuitively understand and incorporate  the perfect mix  of resistance training, aerobic work and stretching that I need on any given day.  His extensive knowledge of nutrition and body science is a huge bonus and really keeps things fun and interesting as well.  I cannot recommend Chuck highly enough and am "beyond pleased" with the results he has helped me achieve!


Debra C. M.

Business Owner

Ann Arbor


       Life Changing!  One of the best financial investments I've ever made!  I have been suffering from chronic pain since my 20s.  It was affecting my ability to do the job I love.  Chuck has taken me from someone who was always hurting to someone with strenght and endurance.  Now at age 53, I feel better than I have in decades.  Chuck has an extensive knowledge of working within pyhsical/health limitations.  His sessions are always tailor-made to your needs.  He is compassionate and meets you where you are.  His knowledge and insights are amazing.  I enthusiastically recomend Chuck Schotten and 1 on 1 Fitness Coach!


Jennifer  S.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Canton MI







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